The Nation Network

The Nation Network is a leader in sports blogging and statistics representing the premier destination for die hard fans and supporters of the respective hockey and baseball teams. They pride themselves on being the go-to website for up-to-the-second stats and their contributors are effectively named the “Voice of the Nation” with the insights they bring for the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, and Toronto Blue Jays. They are also responsible for creating the Nation Gear, a line of apparel dedicated to each team and they have also launched their own Nation Beer. 

Trew Knowledge was tasked with developing a Digital Strategy, UX Design, Creative Design and WordPress VIP web development for a multi-website solution that included 7 websites in total and allowed their content creators, administrators and authors to rapidly deploy and manage content across sites. The solution called for advanced capabilities with COPE (Create-Once-Publish-Everywhere) features in addition to integrating other content features such as widgets for their gear and more. The overall solution looked to optimize advertising opportunities for the Nation in addition to taking into account performance across devices.

The result was a mobile friendly, fast, and user-friendly multi-site which was built on the VIP platform and allowed for massive scaling of traffic during peak season in addition to providing admins a simple, user-friendly solution across business functions and NHL team sites.

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