WordCamp Europe 2022: Recap & Highlights

The 10 years celebration of WordCamp Europe could not have been more exciting. The event itself, attached to the fact that we are still reeling from the last couple of years with no in-person gatherings between members of the WordPress community, resulted in a reunion that broke records. It is only fair, then, that we start this recap by bringing the statistics that prove the success of WordCamp Europe 2022.

For starters, the Contributor day gathered over 800 WordPressers contributing to making WordPress core, plugins, themes, and hosting, among other things, even better. 

The following two days of the event were filled with sessions on development, design, business, Gutenberg and more, separated into two tracks. This year’s WCEU had a theme for each of the two days of talks – the first one was ‘All about WordPress NOW: Everything that can be achieved with WordPress currently.’ The second day of discussions covered themes around ‘All about the FUTURE of WordPress: All the exciting things that are just around the corner.’ 

Plus, attendees could enjoy workshops, relaxing and networking activities, including informal discussions around the WP Café booth. 

Kicking off WCEU by giving the audience goosebumps, Milan Ivanovic started the first day of sessions with very inspiring words during his talk “Why we community?”.

Why we community? — Milan Ivanovic, WordCamp Europe 2022

Following, you will find some of the lessons and quotes highlighted by our team during the event and the links to watch each related session.


The Real Impact of Having Website Performance as a Mindset — Leo Postovoit, WordCamp Europe 2022

The what, why & how of code reviews — Jonathan de Jong, WordCamp Europe 2022


The block patterns revolution — Sean Blakeley, WordCamp Europe 2022

The future of commerce in WordPress with Full Site Editing — Darren Ethier, WordCamp Europe, 2022


Growing in WordPress through partnerships — Jonathan Wold, WordCamp Europe 2022

Creating a paid newsletter subscription in WordPress — Laura Nelson, WordCamp Europe 2022

How headless WordPress benefits enterprises? – Ivan Popov, WordCamp Europe 2022


Enhancing performance in an open-source CMS ecosystem — Felix Arntz, WordCamp Europe 2022


WordPress and Web3 trends (disruption, challenges, opportunities) — Dave Lockie, WordCamp Europe 2022

The future of WordPress

The conference ended with a relaxed chat with Matt Mullenweg and Josepha Haden Chomphosy, who answered an extensive round of questions about the future of WordPress. Topics like the newly released

WordPress 6.0, WordPress documentation, Full Site Editing, and WordPress sustainability were discussed. As stated by Matt, the future suggests Gutenberg will stand alone from WordPress. How cool is that?

In Conversation: Matt and Josepha — WordCamp Europe 2022

See you in Athens!

Athens, Greece, will host the WordCamp 2023 from June 8th-10th. The call for organizers has already started. Are you interested? Click here.

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