RBC Wealth Management

Unveiling RBC Wealth Management’s Digital Upgrade to WordPress VIP

Introducing RBC Wealth Management

RBC Wealth Management, a key division of the prestigious Royal Bank of Canada, specializes in helping high-net-worth individuals and organizations manage and grow their wealth. Renowned for its expert financial advice and wealth management solutions, it offers tailored services to meet the unique financial needs of its clients, leveraging the vast resources and stability of one of Canada’s largest banks. 

Project Blueprint: Transition to WordPress VIP

The quest for a superior digital experience steered RBC Wealth Management towards an ambitious project. The goal was straightforward: shift their website to the dynamic and flexible WordPress VIP platform, enhancing its multilingual and multisite features. This endeavour was part of a larger initiative aimed at migrating various subsidiary websites to WordPress VIP while adopting a component-based approach for web development and content management, thereby future-proofing their digital strategy.

Global Connectivity

One of the standout features of this initiative was the creation of a multilingual network of Wealth Management websites, all housed under the advanced WordPress VIP platform. By tapping into the robust multisite functionality of WordPress, we achieved a streamlined and efficient management system for the entire network. Each site is distinctively designed with language-specific content and interfaces, offering a bespoke experience for users across different linguistic backgrounds. This strategic setup not only simplifies management and oversight but also enriches the user experience, catering to a global audience with precision and finesse.

Designing Digital Unity

The established RBC Wealth Management design system stood at the core of this initiative. This system provided the guiding principles for the visual and functional elements of the updated RBC Wealth Management digital experience. It acted as a crucial template to maintain design consistency, ensuring a unified and harmonious digital presence across various platforms.

Under TK’s skilled guidance, key sites that underwent this transformation to WordPress VIP included RBC Wealth Management Financial Services and RBC Wealth Management Clearing & Custody.

In line with the design system, we developed a suite of universal components, including site navigation, stylistic elements, and bespoke WordPress Gutenberg blocks, patterns, and post types. Embracing the unique aesthetic of a tailor-made RBC Wealth Management theme crafted by TK, we guaranteed each site met the established high standards, ensuring consistency and quality across all platforms.

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