AI This Week: Apple’s AI Innovations and More in the Tech World

This week, catch up with the big moves in artificial intelligence as we explore Apple’s latest enhancements, Adobe’s expansion of AI capabilities to all users, and Databricks’ strategic advancements in AI tools. Plus, get to know Prototyper, a tool that’s making UI design as simple as describing your vision.

Apple Unveils New AI Features at WWDC 2024

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 showcased the company’s robust dive into generative AI, revealing new features that elevate functionality across its devices through a new initiative called “Apple Intelligence.” This program encompasses a range of AI-driven features slated to roll out later this year:

Enhanced Siri

The newly upgraded Siri, enhanced by Apple’s generative AI initiative, now supports typing and voice commands, offering a more responsive and contextually aware assistant. The redesign includes a new icon and visual indicators, improving the interface’s aesthetics and functionality.

ChatGPT Integration

Apple announced a significant integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Siri and various system-wide tools, which will be available on the upcoming iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. This integration allows for sophisticated querying and content creation capabilities across Apple devices, enhancing productivity and personal use without requiring additional accounts or setups.

Genmoji and Image Playground

The introduction of Genmoji allows users to create personalized, AI-generated emojis from their photos, adding a unique touch to message reactions. Concurrently, the Image Playground feature will enable the creation of custom images using a variety of themes and elements integrated within apps such as Notes and Keynote.

AI-Driven Photo Editing Tools

Apple’s Photos app now includes an AI-powered ‘Clean Up’ tool that intelligently removes unwanted elements from photos. Additionally, the app uses AI to automatically organize photos by themes like events and people, making it easier for users to navigate and enjoy their collections.

Transcribed Calls

A new feature for iPhone 15 Pro and later models will allow users to record and transcribe phone calls and store summaries in the Notes app. This feature adheres to privacy laws by notifying all parties that the call is being recorded, thus enhancing both functionality and compliance.

Featured Image: Apple

Adobe’s AI Assistant Now Available for Experience Platform

Adobe has officially made its AI Assistant for the Experience Platform available to all users following its initial announcement at the Adobe Summit in March. Unveiled by Scott Belsky at Adobe MAX, this tool enhances users’ productivity by incorporating generative AI into Adobe’s robust data framework.

Operating within Adobe’s Experience Platform—used by major brands like Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Marriott International—the AI Assistant can respond to technical queries, automate repetitive tasks, simulate potential outcomes, and help create new customer segments and pathways. These functions utilize generative experience models that integrate Adobe’s extensive product knowledge with specific organizational data, ensuring tailored and practical solutions.

Adobe’s AI Assistant leverages its vast reserves of data, including 40 petabytes and 5 billion daily interactions.

Featured Image: Adobe

Databricks Enhances Mosaic AI with New Tools for Enterprise LLM Applications

A year after its $1.3 billion acquisition of MosaicML, Databricks has announced significant enhancements to the now rebranded Mosaic AI. Revealed at the company’s Data + AI Summit, these updates are designed to help enterprises deploy large language models (LLMs) more effectively.

Expanding Capabilities

The launch includes five new tools aimed at improving the deployment and management of LLMs:

Mosaic AI Agent Framework: Simplifies the development of high-quality retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications, integrating seamlessly with Databricks’ serverless vector databases.
Mosaic AI Agent Evaluation: An AI-assisted tool that automatically assesses the quality of outputs and provides an intuitive interface for human feedback.
Mosaic AI Tools Catalog: A governance tool that allows organizations to manage, share, and discover AI tools securely within the Databricks Unity Catalog.
Mosaic AI Model Training: This tool enables the fine-tuning of open-source foundation models with private data to enhance specificity and reduce operational costs.
Mosaic AI Gateway: Offers a unified interface for managing and deploying any AI model, ensuring application governance and monitoring.

Companies like Corning and FordDirect are already leveraging these tools. Corning has utilized the Mosaic AI Agent Framework to build an AI research assistant, enhancing their ability to interact with extensive patent data. Similarly, FordDirect has integrated this framework into their chatbot systems to analyze dealership performance metrics better.

Spotlight in AI: Prototyper

This week’s highlighted tool, Prototyper, leverages AI to transform text prompts or images into React components, simplifying the UI design process.

Featured Image: Prototyper

Efficient Design Process

Users can start with simple text descriptions or images to define their needs, such as a dashboard or a testimonial card. The tool quickly generates visual and functional prototypes, complete with production-ready code, using over 40 components integrated with Tailwind CSS.

Customization and Collaboration

Prototyper supports various frameworks, including React with Tailwind CSS, React with Inline CSS, or standard HTML. It offers real-time edits through an AI editor or code adjustments, allowing unlimited iterations. Interfaces can be shared with team members for feedback, facilitating collaborative design and refinement.

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