AI This Week: Voice-Activated Search, AI Journalism Partnerships, and More

Welcome back to “AI This Week,” your go-to source for the latest in artificial intelligence. This week, we’re covering The Browser Company’s AI-powered voice search, OpenAI and News Corp’s landmark content partnership, and Cloudflare’s advanced AI workload management tool. Plus, don’t miss our spotlight on Guidde, a revolutionary tool for creating how-to videos and documentation.

Arc Search Introduces Call Arc: Voice-Activated Q&A

Arc Search, the latest iPhone app from The Browser Company, has launched Call Arc, an AI-powered feature allowing users to ask questions and receive instant voice responses by simulating a phone call. Users simply open the app, hold their phone to their ear, and ask questions, receiving immediate answers through an engaging animated interface.

Featured Image: The Browser Company

For instance, you can ask, “How long should I cook spaghetti?” or “Why should I keep some of the pasta water?” If you’re out shopping, you might ask, “What’s the best substitute for buttermilk?” and get a quick response without needing to type. Launched in January, Arc Search also offers a “Browse for me” function, using models from OpenAI to compile information from multiple web pages into a single, user-friendly page.

OpenAI Teams Up with News Corp to Elevate AI Journalism

OpenAI has announced a landmark multi-year partnership with News Corp to integrate high-quality news content from leading publications into its AI products. This collaboration will provide OpenAI access to current and archived content from major News Corp mastheads, including The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and the New York Post.

The partnership aims to uphold the highest journalistic standards and enhance user access to reliable information. News Corp will also share its journalistic expertise to ensure the integrity of OpenAI’s offerings.

Featured Image: OpenAI

Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp, and Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, expressed their commitment to fostering a future where AI and journalism work together to provide valuable insights.

Scale and Manage AI with Cloudflare’s New AI Gateway

Cloudflare’s AI Gateway, a unified interface for managing and scaling generative AI workloads, is now generally available. Announced during Developer Week in April 2024, AI Gateway offers a robust platform for performance, security, reliability, and observability in AI operations.

Key Features

– Analytics: Track requests, tokens, and costs across providers.
– Real-time Logs: Monitor requests and errors.
– Caching: Reduce costs and latency.
– Rate Limiting: Manage costs and prevent abuse.
– Universal Endpoint: Provide request fallbacks for resilience.

AI Gateway is free to use with a Cloudflare account. Future premium features will include persistent logging and secrets management.

Spotlight in AI: Guidde

This week, we’re highlighting Guidde, an innovative tool that transforms the creation of how-to videos and visual documentation. Guidde enables users to generate stunning, informative content in seconds, making the documentation process efficient and engaging.

How it Works

– Click capture from the browser extension and stop when you’re done. Guidde takes care of the rest.
– Powered by GPT, Guidde generates a step-by-step description of your workflow using advanced AI, creating a coherent and comprehensive storyline.
– Choose from over 100 voices and languages to add a personalized touch to your documentation.

Features Image: Guidde

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