DE{CODE} 2023: Recap & Highlights

WP Engine’s DE{CODE} conference is an annual online gathering that unites a diverse range of digital professionals, including developers, marketers, and digital innovators, to explore cutting-edge trends, emerging technologies, and game-changing strategies in the realm of WordPress and digital experience. It is a one-of-a-kind event that provides attendees with the inspiration, insights, and practical tools they need to elevate their craft and shape the future of digital innovation.

DE{CODE} is a free event that draws passionate digital enthusiasts from around the world, featuring the same great content across three major regions. This year, attendees were treated to an action-packed agenda that featured three keynotes and 12 breakout sessions guided by 43 whooping speakers.

The “Build Smarter” sessions took attendees on a thrilling journey through the next generation of tools and resources WP Engine is bringing to the table for WordPress agencies and builders focusing on delivering faster, more intelligent development experiences.

For those seeking to enhance their WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores, the “Modernize Experiences” sessions offered a wealth of best practices and expert insights. Attendees discovered how to create stunning, user-friendly experiences that engage, delight, and inspire customers, taking their websites and online stores to new heights.

Finally, the “Maximize Conversions” sessions led builders down the path to unlocking the full potential of headless WordPress. Attendees learned how to create the next generation of decoupled websites, driving conversions and growth like never before.

Our team has compiled a list of key highlights from the event, which you’ll find below.

Fireside Chat With Matt Mullenweg and Matías Ventura

A captivating Fireside Chat featuring WordPress Co-founder Matt Mullenweg and Gutenberg Lead Architect Matías Ventura was a standout moment at the event when the two experts discussed the supercharged future of the world’s most beloved CMS.

Guided by WP Engine VP of Marketing Monica Cravotta, the discussion delved into a range of fascinating topics, from the potential of generative AI to the future of the Block Editor. 

Revisiting the DE{CODE} Sessions

Whether you missed the DE{CODE} conference or attended and want to revisit the fantastic talks, all of the amazing content is available to watch online

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